A learning management platform built for forward-thinking schools/colleges.



Deliver online classes to your students, no matter where they are. Embrace the future and start your very own digital school today. 




Digital Scool / College / Educational Institution / Training Center


In today's day and age, it is not imperative for the student an the instructor to be in the same geographical location. You can achieve the same quality of learning with a competent LMS system that can ensure a smooth and user-friendly experience while simulating a real classroom and learning experience for the student, teacher, and administration. 

Pravax LMS is not your traditional LMS


Build engaging, bite-sized learning videos, audio, documents, and attachments on the Pravax LMS platform.

Create engaging assignments, tests, and routines for your students.  

Track the data and result of the progress of each student while engaging the guardians as well. 


Each school will have its own digital version of the school where they can host their own lectures or lectures prepared by Pravax LMS in collaboration with some of the top educationalists of Nepal.

Build a database of your teachers, students, guardians, and administration team and give role-based access to each of them.

Invoice your students and allocate them to appropriate courses, batches, and lectures ensuring effective and panned delivery of education.

Online Tests with automated results. 



With with our school ERP you can invoice your  

This mobile workforce solution lets your people train wherever, and whenever they want.


Share knowledge in the way that works best for your team with this feature-rich platform

Create a digital version of your school online. Create your own lectures and deliver them to your students in an organized and planned manner.
Don't want to invest in creating educational content?  Don't worry, we've got your covered. Contact us for details
Not sure how to get started.  We provide complete hardware and software solution including video tutorials.

Why is e-learning a better way of learning?

Generates 50% more engagement.
Can be developed 3x faster than traditional learning.
Requires 50% less cost in development compared to traditional learning.
Learning in 3-7 minute chunks is a perfect match to the brain’s working memory ability.